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Ministry of Child Development & Women's Affairs under ECCD/NC/043
The Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission under P 01/0289
Ministry of Youth Affairs and skills Development

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We offer a 18 month (one and half year), comprehensive Montessori Diploma which also includes of Child Psychology. The successful candidates are awarded the Diploma in the Montessori method of Education which is  recognized in Sri Lanka  and worldwide. Students receive a thorough understanding of the adult-child relationship as well as a complete knowledge of the physical layout and operation of a Montessori classroom.

This one-year course is suited to students with or without  previous experience or training in Childcare. It covers the Montessori Philosophy and Curriculum and prepares students to work as Montessori Teachers.

Our Mission  

To maintain an exemplary Montessori tradition by conducting up-to-date and comprehensive courses on preschool and primary education based on the Montessori Method which will help to cultivate the child’s natural desire to learn, develop the child own potential and help the child to become a independent, confident , compassionate  individual in society.

Our vision  
To prepare and train young people to be confident, knowledgeble and dedicated teachers who support the Montessori Philosophy.  
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Class Activities .
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Learning tools   Learning tools
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